About DiggiWeb

DiggiWeb is a global digital media website. Our main goal is to give our visitors or readers the most complete, interesting and valuable information in every single content that we publish.

At DiggiWeb, we think that our readers deserve high-quality content to complete their goals. That’s where you come in.

We welcome Bloggers, Professional Writers, Freelancers to submit high quality content to DiggiWeb.com.

Articles We Accept

We accept articles on almost all categories. We prefer you to write case studies, evergreen educational content, how to, top 5 or 10, and problem based content that provide value to our readers.

You can write for us related to these categories: business, digital marketing, technology, Software, IT, sports, finance, health and wellness, Automobile, personal, mental health, lifestyle, gaming, fitness, beauty, fashion, gadgets, entertainment, SEO, Education, toptenz, and travel, etc.

Note: We don’t accept CBD, casino, and gambling, adult, related article, or any spammy website. If your article does not meet our guidelines we have the right to delete or reject the article.

Writing Guidelines

  1. Content must be 100% unique.
  2. Please make sure topic you are going to write that we have already covered or not, by doing a simple search within DiggiWeb.com
  3. Content should be well Keyword researched with volume and SEO optimized.
  4. Add main keywords in Title, First Paragraph of the article, and in Article Heading.
  5. Meta Title and Description should be optimized with keywords.
  6. The article should be well structure with headings, short paragraphs or bullet points etc.
  7. Write “Recap, Final Verdict, Final Thought or Conclusion” end of the article.
  8. Must add feature image with 1200 x 600 px (Image Resize with Photopea & Compress image with Tinypng).
  9. We strongly recommend add relevant images to the topic – screenshots, illustrations, graphs or images to article.
  10. We will give only 1 Do-Follow Link (not an affiliate).
  11. The article words limit should be 800 to 2000 words.
  12. We can edit your article if necessary.

Submission Process

To submit your article first you have to fill the from and suggest the topic you want to write for us, or you can contact us by email at diggiweb1@gmail.com.

Then, We will confirm you by email. When we accept your topic. Then you have to submit your content for publish your article.

After this, We will publish your content and inform you by mail.

Note: We accept free guest posts but you have to follow our guidelines.