Progressive Web App for Business
Progressive Web App for Business

Why have a Progressive Web App for your Business?

Interested in elevating your business reach amongst the audience? A mobile app seems the best solution. The bigger question here is what kind of mobile app is a better choice, native or hybrid? Have you checked out the amazing benefits of a Progressive Web App? Consider having a PWA technology with the native like experience and a mobile friendly design which is able to work on all devices and operating systems.

PWA App Development is a smart and intelligent choice. What a PWA does to transform your company’s website into a successfully running application that’s viewable either from a mobile browser. PWA technology enables native app features which includes push notifications, mobile centric interface and offline functionality.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are applications that are enabled by the internet and can be accessed across the web browsers of different devices, be it smartphones or laptops. It is a product of a complete blend of webpages and native mobile applications. With the progressive web app development small companies can also provide their respective customers with great user experience and also market their products at the same time.

What are the benefits of PWA Apps?

  • No Download Required– Unlike traditional applications, the customers browsing for homes online or finding more information about the brand/company will not be require installing an app to get an app-like experience on the site.
  • Marketing with your regular URL– one can still make use of the company’s URL to market the functionality of the site, with the features that are automatically updates on the website rather than by an application.
  • Cost Effective– PWA will cost you around $6000 and $20000. While a native app averages between the range of $20000 and $80000 which depends on the style and functions you wish to include in your mobile app.
  • No App Store Complications– PWA applications do not need to be logged into any mobile app store to access or download progressive web apps. while they’re directly accesses through the browser. It depends on the kind of operating system being used. Android will basically prompt an install the PWA, in case of iOS, a user requires to add it to the home screen manually.
  • Offline Usage– Once a browser saves cached data, one can access PWA even when a user is offline, a user can fill forms and save the same, one can also save the content from the app but once a user wish to submit a query, they require to be reconnected again.
  • Easy to access– progressive web apps never demand high network coverage like other native applications, so it uses less data. PWAs load quicker even when the user is on the lowest network area, for instance a user willing to switch to PWA, he can get everything downloaded even in the 2G network. this is particularly beneficial to the businesses because with the help of this feature, it can be accessed from anywhere in the world especially from the developing nations where 4G isn’t available with high coverage.

How does a PWA Affect the Businesses?

All business aims to make profits and can be accessible by its target clients through the modern technology and the ease of compatibility in the web languages. It is relatively easier and cost effective to build a PWA which can be functional, fluid and responsive exactly like the native web applications. A progressive web app will be able to reach a wider customer base no matter the version of Android or iOS they’re using. In turn, this will promote the brand awareness. When the audience has been captured, it is quite easy to manage the content on the PWA and let the user’s checkout. In case there is any update, once the user refreshes the webpage the latest content gets updates. In case of native apps, the users require to update the app before enjoying the updates features. PWAs work seamlessly across all devices while the web browsers are able to optimize the pages and make the user experience completely smooth, reducing the efforts which should go into the QA and once al these are checked it directly provides the company a boost in their income.

The Bottom Line

Undoubtedly Progressive Web Apps are quite beneficial to the businesses if you’re looking for brand marketing and driving better traffic on your website the PWA is the most suited option to choose. They provide quick and easy solutions for the businesses that require to establish a lasting and reliable mobile presence amongst their customer without making them pay a huge amount! Let your business reach another level with a go to real estate software solution for your business!

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