types of food and beverage custom boxes

Types of Custom Packaging for Food and Beverage

Food and beverage packaging is more than just a pretty box sitting on a retail outlet rack. It has a critical role in ensuring the protection, safety, and freshness of different sorts of food products, be it fruits, vegetables, or bakery items. This cardboard or corrugated made packaging resists all the contaminants and physical damages to preserve the originality of edibles.

It can perfectly utilize for the advertisement or promotion of your food brand to the world when printed with a unique slogan or brand’s logo. The manufacturers can capitalize on its flexible nature by using inserts inside, which will provide them with more product storage space.

As per the nature or type of the eatables, their shape, size, and design can be altered or customized quite easily. Different types of graphics, illustrations, and line drawings can print on it to reveal your product story to the customers. 

A lot of food products being manufacture and launched in the market by different food businesses. Whether you are dealing specifically in pizza, cakes, or crisps, you would always be in need of reliable packaging. The food and beverage packaging, with its different types, is a perfect choice for packing your fragile edibles. It utilizes the best materials such as corrugated board or cardboard in its crafting, which adds to its strength. Let us have a look at some common types of this packaging. 

Bakery boxes

The bakery boxes are the most common type of custom food and beverage packaging. They usually use for the storage of bakery products such as cookies, muffins, doughnuts, etc.

Mainly, they are made from cardboard material which makes them eco-friendly as well as resistant to all types of external risks. They are not prone to any sort of contamination and can be cleaned easily with the help of paper and towel dispensers.

To offer convenience during the transportation process, they come with the handles induced on their lid. Not just that, their weight is incredibly lower, which makes them even more convenient to carry around. Some of these boxes also contain partitions which help in the effective packing of the bakery products.

Also, they come with transparent windows at their lid, which lets the clients see the bakery items before making a purchase. 

Cereal boxes

The cereals boxes are another type of food and beverage packages specifically built for packing the cereals. They are usually longer than traditional food packages and mostly come in rectangular shapes.

But you can customize their shape and size depending upon what your target audience likes the most. The personalized cereal packages increase the aesthetic appeal of the eatables. Different flavors of the cereals can highlight through these packages by adding some visuals and pictures.

You can tell the branding information to the target audience by imprinting the logo and other elements such as a tagline or a slogan. Similarly, the technical details of your cereals, such as the ingredients used in their making and nutritional value, can also be communicated.

Their primary purpose is to retain the fresh state of the cereals by nullifying the effect of detrimental temperatures and moisture. 

Chinese takeout boxes

The Chinese takeout packages recognized as a symbol of Chinese food all across the globe. Their use is not only limited to the Chinese food items but can utilize for some other kinds of food items as well.

The main thing which makes these packages distinctive is that they made by using just one piece of cardboard. They have flaps at their top, which perfectly encloses the edibles inside and protect them from harsh environmental conditions.

They also come with perforations, due to which it is easier to convert them into plates. This way, you can convert them into plates at any place and enjoy your delectable eatables. They are usually brown, but you can apply different color themes to make them look visually more appealing. 

Pizza boxes

These types of food and beverage boxes are specially made to pack the frozen as well as recently baked pizza. They are best in the preservation of the pizzas and retain their health or nutritional value.

On their base, pizza is placed, and after that, the lid is closed, which locks perfectly to not let the outside particles get in. This lid is easy to open and close, which offers a smooth experience to the customers.

The edges of the lids may vary; in some cases, they are sharp, while they may be round in some instances. Usually, you will see them in a square or a rectangular shape. But that does not mean that they are limited to these shapes only. 

Wine boxes

The wine packages serve a great deal in protecting the wine bottles from heat and all other detrimental environmental factors. This helps in increasing the life cycle of what is inside the wine bottles. The custom inserts used inside these packages so that the wine bottles may not slip out of their original space.

The bottom of these packages is horizontal, and their lid also opens horizontally. However, they also come in a gable packaging style in which they have a handle at their top for perfect grip.

Also, they come with small transparent windows induced at their front to provide a sneak peek into the wine bottles. Moreover, you can personalize them with different finishing and coating options which enhance their visual appeal. 

In a nutshell, the food and beverage packaging has different types of packing various sorts of food items securely. Each of the above types can make sure the safety and freshness of your delectable eatables.

The bakery boxes, Chinese takeout packages, wine packages, pizza packaging, and cereal packages are some of its most common types.

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