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Top 8 Social Media Apps

Top 8 Social Media Apps to Explore for Digital Success

The Digital mode of business has taken over markets all over the globe. Every business is now striving to be a better version of itself with improved tactics and strategic planning. The road to become the number one through digital means is difficult and long. However, every business is giving its best to stick to the journey by launching apps, interacting with customers, and conducting online surveys for improvement.  

The competition is increasing with each passing day with the launch of new businesses. If you do not give your best, then somebody else will take the position in the market. Therefore, it is important to enhance your online prominence through social media sites. Social media is the cheapest yet most impactful marketing tool for a business. You can get hold of millions of people in the least possible time. The conversion rates of a business also increase when the content is posted online on social media apps.  

You may be thinking that every site is not accessible in every region, what to do about it then? Well, you can easily get hold of a virtual private network such as Circuit VPN to access blocked sites without any issues. Nonetheless, if you are a business that has the urge to gain digital success, then it is high time you make the smart move and create social media accounts. For your ease, here is the list of the top 8 social media apps for you to sign up for.  

Facebook: The King of Social Media Apps  

Who has not heard this name before? The audience on Facebook is huge. Access to millions is possible in just a blink of an eye. This is why more than 65 million businesses operate on this app for their marketing. They have understood the opportunities this platform offers and hence are catching up with customer needs by continually uploading pictures, text, and videos on it. Facebook lets your creativity roll down to every person on your target list. All you have to do is hit on the right spots at the right time.  

YouTube: Unlimited Video Streaming  

A billion hours of watching videos every day. Isn’t it the biggest thing? Yes, YouTube is that big! This app offers easy video uploading and watching options for anyone who signs up for it. As a business you have the chance to promote your business through YouTube Ads.  

The ads run in between the videos and the customer at least have to watch it for 5 seconds before skipping it. Therefore, you have to make those five seconds so impactful that the video cashes some good conversion rates. This app gives options for commenting, liking, subscribing, and sharing of videos to other sites.  

WhatsApp: Communication Made Easy  

WhatsApp is the world’s largest communication app operated in more than 180 countries of the world. It was initially used by people to communicate with their friends and family through free messages and calls but today it has become one of the strongest business apps in the world.  

Especially for small businesses, WhatsApp is the biggest blessing. They put on stories about their products and run WhatsApp broadcasts to send one similar message to each contact individually. This app has turned the table for thousands of businesses by allowing them to do promotions at the lowest possible charges.  

Instagram: Snap It and Post It  

Instagram has become the hub of small businesses. All one needs to do is capture engaging pictures of the products and post them online. The app also gives the feature of boosting the picture by running it as an ad in the customer search (on the newsfeed or on the search page).  

With an audience reach of over 1 billion users, this app is allowing businesses to earn a handsome amount of money in the minimum time. Also, to increase user engagement, the IGTV option is launched. It allows a business to stream a whole video for product description and awareness.  

TikTok: The Fastest Growing App  

Tok-tok is the world’s fastest-growing app that is ruling audiences’ hearts with its unique and entertaining content. The app crossed all the downloading records of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. It has made history with its launch. It is quite simple to use as well. All you have to do is pick a sound and lip-sync it.  

What businesses do is they send in their gifts to the Tik Tokers (the people who make Tok-tok videos) and pay them to promote their products. This is more of the influential marketing where businesses ask public celebrities for products promotions on their personal channels. But one setback for Tok-tok is that the content isn’t filtered most of the time and this is why a few regions do not allow its direct use. However, it can be accessed through apps like Circuit VPN.  

Messenger: Reach Audience Instantly  

Messenger alone is the home to 1.3 billion users worldwide. This is a huge number to target if you are a startup or a small business. The app allows businesses to run its promotional messages into customers’ inbox such as information about offers, deals, and vouchers. You can take advantage from the app and increase your business revenues as well.  

Snapchat: The World of Snaps  

Snapchat has nearly 225 million users on it currently which are live almost every hour of the day. This app allows sharing of pictures and precious moments in the form of temporary pictures. Businesses post their stories in order to gain customer attention. It is just that simple.  

Pinterest: Pint It to Say It   

Pinterest is the place to dig in creative ideas. It permits people to create an account and post intriguing pictures with unique captions. With such attractive options, the app has around 250 million users active on it every day. Brands also participate and post their promotional pictures with detailed captions on the app. It is one of the most engaging apps for digital promotions.  

Ending Remarks  

All of these apps contribute to making businesses successful. It depends on you know whom you choose as your partner to go with. A good way to decide is to identify your niche first and then proceed with the app.  

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