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Top 7 Brands for Commercial Truck Tires

Tires are the main parts of any vehicle. Without them, a car keeps no meaning. The same goes for the truck. A truck is a massive vehicle; people use it to load stuff and send it to other cities. 

This way, trucks become the most traveled vehicle. So, when buying truck tires, you must remember the wear and tear factor. Due to frequent traveling, the truck tires bear the most damage. 

Therefore, you should buy durable tires from well-known brands that provide high-quality tires. In this blog, you’ll find the top 7 brands for commercial truck tires. Without further ado, let’s begin!

1. Michelin

Michelin is one of the well-known tire-making companies and their tires are available at every truck tire repair shop in Ottawa. It’s famous for the way they design the tires and increase their longevity. The tires they produce are of top-tier quality. They create truck tires with high mileage and fuel efficiency in mind. While tire designing, they leave no stone unturned and cater to fulfilling the needs of heavy-working trucks. They also feature an incredible tech feature, i.e., Matrix Siping, which offers excellent traction on a wet road. They have Energy D tires for less fuel consumption and longer shelf life.

2. Goodyear

Another widely recognized brand in the truck tire industry is Goodyear. It always ensures to add features to the tires that make them durable, fuel-efficient and help deliver excellent performance. Moreover, it features two technologies in the tires, i.e., Fuelmax Technology and DuraSeal Technology. The legal help to reduce fuel consumption, whereas the latter helps with sealing punctures. Hence, it helps to maintain tire repair costs and reduces downtime. Lastly, it features SmartWay-verified technology that allows the fleet manager to reduce their carbon footprint by complying with EPA standards.

3. Bridgestone

Bridgestone is a global tire-producing company that creates tires for every type of vehicle. They keep maintenance, fuel consumption, shelf life, and durability in mind while designing commercial truck tires. Also, they ensure their tires work well in intense conditions. If you’re looking for truck tires with fuel savings perk, then their Ecopia EP422 line of tires is worth trying. It not only saves fuel costs but also reduces operating costs.

4. Continental

Continental is a German tire manufacturing company that has been in business for half a decade. Their commercial truck tires are well known for their efficiency, durability, performance, and high-quality material. Their tires work best in any weather condition. They also boast a ContiPressure Check system which lets the driver keep an eye on the pressure and temperate, which can help to reduce fuel consumption. Moving to the company tire line EcoPlus, it’s made to function well in less const.

5. Pirelli

Pirelli, an Italian tire manufacturing company, has been in Milan for a decade. It’s the world’s sixth-largest tire-producing company and is commercially operating in 160 countries. Their stores are designed to offer maximum durability, long shelf life, and good overall performance. Their SmartWay-verified FH:01 series of tires helps to reduce fuel costs without sacrificing performance. More so, Pirelli’s Cyber Fleet technology lets fleet managers check tire performance and adjust if needed. Ultimately, it offers maximum security and helps with cost control.

6. Yokohama

Yokomoha, a Japanese tire manufacturing company, stepped into the business world in 1917, making it a 100plus years old functioning company. The trucks they design offer impeccable quality, performance, and durability in different weather and circumstances. In today’s times, the top two lines of tires they have launched are 101ZL and 709ZL. The former delivers excellent traction and handling; the latter deals with lower costs and better performance. Their tire lines have only one goal: to provide as best possible.

7. Dunlop

In the end, comes Dunlop, an excellent and trustworthy British tire-making company, operating for over 120 years. Their tire designing procedure follows only one goal: to produce exceptionally durable tires with outclass performance. Their tire line, i.e., SP 384, offers grippy traction, and SP444 works on maintaining costs and better performance.


In conclusion, tires make up the essential parts of a vehicle. They play a significant role in the security of the driver and the car. When it comes to trucks, they need maximum secure, highly durable, and good-performing tires. Therefore, you can choose the tires for your truck from any of the top seven companies mentioned in the blog.

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