Best Free video Tools
Best Free video Tools

The Best Free Tools To Create Animated Videos

Communication on the web does not happen only through articles but for some years now the main means of communication is linked to multimedia, for example you can present your company, you can create a guide, you can educate people, you can talk through a video.

Viewing a video is more effective and engaging than reading an article, in this way you will have the opportunity to achieve greater success.

The best free tools to create animated videos

Animation Sharks

Animation Sharks allows you to create videos in different ways, offers a simple drag and drop function (Drag & Drop) that allows you to select and add images and sounds within the videos in a simple and fast way; with Animation Sharks you can create videos with a maximum duration of 30 minutes in different formats such as HD, Full HD and SD.


Animatron allows you to create your own video to tell your story through hundreds of animated characters, props and tons of backgrounds.

Animatron’s main goal is to help you grab your audience’s attention and improve your website’s conversion rate; it is also possible to import images, audio files and fonts for further personalization of your videos.


RawShorts is a drag and drop animation tool that allows you to quickly create interactive videos using tons of professionally designed templates, this online tool also provides thousands of graphics, characters and more, plus it doesn’t require any skills, meaning anyone can use it. and can create high quality videos.


Powtoon allows you to generate captivating videos that help engage viewers, plus there is a video tutorial that allows you to quickly learn how to use it.

With Powtoon you can create a professional video in less than an hour, also you can insert the graphs inside your videos to provide analysis or statistics of your products and services.

Powtoon offers the ability to download your videos in HD and you can also export them to PDF or PPT format.

This animated video creation tool also offers unlimited royalty-free music that you can insert as background music within your videos, plus you can also use Powtoon to create videos for commercial purposes without paying anything.


Mysimpleshow automatically generates the storyboard using its system, it is highly customizable and offers many models and illustrations that you can use and integrate for free.

It also supports custom logo and image upload, plus you can record your voice-over and the tool will automatically sync it with your story.

It is possible to download the final video in MP4 format but it limits the addition of colors in the free plan, so if you don’t want to spend it I don’t recommend using this tool.


Biteable is considered one of the simplest tools to create animated videos, through this tool you can add text, photos, music quickly

Biteable also offers different scenes such as animation, live action and photos in numerous styles and it is also possible to use the templates present within the website.


With Makewebvideo you can create impressive template-based videos using the text, photos and movies you insert; this tool is very simple to use, here are the main steps to be able to create the animated video:Choose the video template

  • Upload photos, videos and texts via the web interface
  • Choose a music track from the collection on the site or upload your own music file
  • Create a preview video so you can check it is correct before final production
  • Download the video

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