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Sun and Eyes, how to Protect Your Eyes UV Rays?

July month is here, and it means to soak up of sunshine as many as possible. This month also reminds you of the eye injury season. You need to wear Wiley safety glasses or any brand sunglasses that can protect your eyes from harmful sun rays.

Sun rays are very dangerous, and it is a great topic to discuss. While many people are aware of its negative effects on eyes and skin. It can cause to damage your eyes and skin bitterly if you will not care about it.

So, before heading out in the risky rays of the sun, make sure you have grabbed an extra pair of sunglasses for UV protection. Make it remember, How to Make a Statement with Sunny Shades? prescription eyewear is not enough for eye protection. Below here is a detailed discussion about lenses that can provide you best defense UV rays.

What Kind of Lenses Do You Need or Go with Wily X Sunglasses?

Before shopping for sunglasses, a frame is the first thing that comes in mind what kind of lenses will fit in the frame.

Without appropriate eye safety, excessive sun experience can lead to an array of symptoms that can affect your eyesight that is a serious situation because all of us rely on eyes to look around. Symptoms of UV damaging are redness, blurry vision, light sensitivity, and many more.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to keep bound at home because protective lenses will play a vital role to spend your summer life perfectly.

Well, these lenses will protect your eyes from damaging because of hurting from sun rays. Besides, you can lose vision if you will not care about your eyes. So,5 Symptoms You Should Know, make fun this summer without fear of damaging.

Options in Coating for Wiley X Lenses or Regular Eyewear: 

  • Transition Lenses: 

Such coatings are perfect for those who are looking against different technology for light adjusting. Transition lenses are an effortless option because they become dark and light with the adjustment of light.

They work differently in indoor and outdoor sight because they become dark when they face bright light and become clear when you come in indoor light. Transition lenses are also known as photochromic lenses, and because of this pair, you don’t need to keep any extra pair of eyewear with you.

  • Polarized Coating: 

For most people, summer means spending their maximum time outdoor, but outdoor mean harmful sun rays. To keep maintain outdoor activities, you need to protect your eyes first for defeating the stubborn sunshine.

The polarized coating surprisingly protects your eyes from harmful glare that produces from the road, water, and snow.

  • UV Protection Coating: 

Like polarized and transition coating, there is another coating that is known as UV protection. Some people have difficulties adjusting in the above two coatings, for those UV coating is the best option for eye protection. This is an invisible coating and works to deflect UV rays before entering your eyes.

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