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Is MBBS in Kazakhstan Good or Bad?

With quality education, affordable medical fees, and reasonable cost of living the MBBS in Kazakhstan is making up for an exact destination for Indian medical students to complete their dream of becoming a doctor in broad. Kazakhstan is home to some of the best medical universities in the world, which are recognized by a few of the leading organizations such as WHO (World Health Organization) and MCI (Medical Council of India).

So, in case you want to get a seat in some of the established universities in the world and you want to find out about all aspects related to MBBS in Kazakhstan 2020, keep reading this article and get all your answers.

The medical university of Kazakhstan is higher medical education has got a remarkable reputation on the world stage due to its higher education standard with advanced and classy teaching methods and the scientific methods.

In addition to this, what makes Kazakhstan the preferred destination for the medical study is the easy entry method and fast processing of paper works, coupled with an entrance test at most to the universities of Kazakhstan.

Here are some facts about MBBS in Kazakhstan with safety measures for Indian Students.

  1. Kazakhstan is the city that has much safer than one might think for a safe medical destination, but it stills a good idea to be aware of your ambiance and avoid the city is bad neighborhoods.
  2. Do not forget to bring your registration certificate, student visa, passport, and registration paper with you when visiting the campus of Kazakhstan medical university.
  3. Be careful and do not walk around unnecessarily and you should be fine.
  4. Kazakhstan may not be as safe as Switzerland, but it is one of the safest countries to pursue your higher education.
  5. The country is most famous for its medical program, especially among Indian students.
  6. Indian students can take benefit from studying medical programs from the Al Farabi Kazakh National University of Kazakhstan.
  7. As a small class size, you can easily clear your doubts and increase your knowledge of every subject to be a good doctor.
  8. The classrooms are practically oriented which increases the interests of the students in the subject.
  9. The courses are offered from general medicine to specialized medical courses and other medical related studies such as Pharmacy, Nursing, etc.
  10. The fee structure of MBBS in Kazakhstan taxes in any of the medical institutes in the country is much smaller as compared to several Indian private medical colleges.

Тhе MCI (Меdісаl Соunсіl of Іndіа) stірulаtеs all students who studуіng МВВЅ program from mеdісаl соllеgеs of Kazakhstan оutsіdе frоm аnd want tо рrасtісе Іndіа іn thеіr after соmрlеtіоn of program, арреаr tо nееd fоr а “sсrееnіng tеst”.

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