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How to connect Epson printer using the WPS pin

The Epson printing devices give you a kind of range which is exhibited by very few companies. They provide for a large number of options you can pick out of. There is also a constant help in terms of the customer support which this company provides to its clients. They are also one of the largest manufacturers of printer material, so due to their sheer reach, you will be able to find spare parts in case of problems being caused to the printer.

Make sure that you have setup the printer before you use it to connect with WPS pin. find wps pin Epson printer This would mean that all of its basics and peripherals must be in order. One must also ensure that the device has a good supply of internet connection as well.

For this process, one of the first things which you need is a WPS enabled router with access to the WPS pin or network key as well. One has to make sure that you have the login pin and other details required for this purpose too.

  1. Make sure that you first go to the scanner or the printing tray and then move on to the AP mode from there. This will ensure that the input tray is given access to you. After this you have to move on to opening the tray itself.
  2. Click on the connect button after this, and then move on to clicking on the power button once you have done this. You will have to click on the connect button until the flash light for the connect and error will flash one at a time. This will happen in an intermittent manner so make sure that you have noticed once this is happening and only then move on from this to another step forward.
  3. What happens after this is that the scanning device moves on to something called as the standby mode on the device, and then proceeds to ensuring that it takes the required amount of time on it for the WPS  connection method to be established from here.
  4. Within the few minutes that the standard waiting period happens, you will have to make sure that you enter the PIN code with you into the access point as soon as this happens. While you are doing this, you have to make sure that the light which is indicating the network connection stays on throughout this process. This will ensure that the process of connecting your Epson printer using the WPS pin does not get ruined mid-way or get interrupted owing to a bad network on the device.
  5. Make sure that you type in the correct pin within it, and then proceed to the next step. If it is incorrectly put, then the process might be harmed. Once you have done this then you have to switch off the scanner before you start to use it again.
  6. Now earlier since you had chosen the AP mode, you have to now move on to the Wi-Fi mode on your device too. This has to be done only after a reboot of the scanner device though. Make sure you entirely restart the device with the help of this and then move on to the next steps in the article.
  7. Then after this when you switch the scanner on, you will be able to turn the device network option into the one where the scanner light continues to stay on. This would signify that the network connection has been established on your device too. Make sure that you complete the setup process for this. And the light would also stay constantly on because then the network is not disturbed either.
  8. You can then conduct a few test print runs to check whether or not the entire setup process has been completed in the manner which was described earlier. Should any problems arise, then you can move on to the steps above and see if you missed out on any of the pointers given.
  9. Now you can also move on to the network scanning setup on your computer. After this you can move on to the printing of your device.

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