GatsbyJS as the Modern Web Platform

When somebody mentions static website generation, many folks think about Jekyll. I had detected some kickshaws concerning it and noticed it might permit Pine Tree State to create a diary quite simply. I used to be needing to learn one thing new and acquire one thing up and running that was over simply my usual WordPress theme. I used to be on the verge of reconstructing my portfolio website till a particular Scott Tolinski free a video on GatsbyJS.

Gatsby SSG – Defining as an open source

Open source is at the core of Gatsby’s success, and one of all the central tenets of open supply is that things area unit exhausted the open and while not smoke and mirrors.

Two of Gatsby’s core strengths area unit its community and system.

We’re convinced that the correct path forward is to continue operating within the open with each trust and support of our community.

gatsby wordpress themes could be a static website generator, but it’s written React and permits you to jot down your pages as React components! it’s somewhat almost like create-react-app wherever most of the chilling web-pack config has been abstracted removed from you and everything is setup able to go, therefore you’ll be able to get to the necessary stuff like…building the site! (If you’re a disciple of React and not convinced, the React website/docs were simply free Gatsby!)

Why choose Gatsby as Static Site Generator

When this magic spell is straightforward and takes seconds, we will simply drift for hours within the rush of creation associate degree attempt|attempting} one issue once another improvising our thanks to an ultimate style.

JAMstack Development, designers, demand-gen marketers, copywriters — each neutral during a web site project will feel this — with correct tooling.

As Bret Victor urged in Inventing on Principle, every creator desires “an immediate affiliation to what they’re creating.”

These instant feedback loops area unit usually felt close to the start of comes. however, they’ll quickly be sunken by project quality.

gatsby wordpress Developers will pay hours awaiting deploys, following down phantom “tooling” bugs, and so on.

We believe that with the correct building blocks, ANd an integrated content mesh system, web site comes ought to still feel fun notwithstanding however massive they get. we tend to believe that each member of an internet site team deserves the power to simply see however their work fits into the full.

When an employee edits a headline in their CMS, a designer attracts a button in their illustration app, or a developer adds AN if statement in their text editor, they shouldn’t have to be compelled to imagine what their amendment appears like in context. they ought to see it — now.


Gatsby wordpress themes Websites will have, or lack, several qualities. they’ll be quick, secure, reparable, beautiful, accessible, and low cost (or not). they’ll be simple to create and retell on, have nice SEO, and be fun to figure on (or not).

We believe that these qualities ought to be baked into frameworks so that they area unit delivered by default instead of enforced on a per-site basis.

When options and qualities area unit solely offered if you implement them, that produces them a luxury — offered solely to several gatsby wordpress websites.

By distinction, by baking in qualities like performance and security by default, Gatsby makes the correct issue the simple issue.

We believe the foremost high-impact thanks to creating the online higher is to form it high-quality by default.

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