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Dunlop Tyres

Dunlop tyres: A legacy of credence and technological advancement

Your precious automotive is nothing without a good set of tyres. Buying apt tyres for your vehicle is a part of car maintenance as well. In fact, according to some people, tyres are even more significant than the engine itself. That’s because it’s the tyres that are responsible for the overall safety of the vehicle and its passengers. Rydanz Tyres play a gigantic role in providing you with ideal tyres that may avail optimum braking, accelerating and providing grip to your car.

With a plethora of brands available in the market today, it’s quite an arduous task to choose the correct tyre for your car. You’d like to settle on the tyres which provide you both, the quality and value for money. Well, Dunlop tyres, in this regard come absolutely clean on your expectations. Let’s know more about its history and the reasons for choosing Dunlop over any other brand.

The chronicles of Dunlop

John Boyd Dunlop was the man behind the pneumatic tyre that was developed in 1888. That was the time when Dunlop tyres came into being. Today, this is the brand of tyres which is owned by various companies across the globe. It has been maintaining a legacy of around 120 years now.

It’s owned by Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Whereas, in India, it’s owned by the name of Dunlop India Ltd. The company has manufacturing operations extensively spread in the world. Dunlop has been manufacturing tyres in myriads of varieties. It has been the only tyre supplier to the British Touring Car Championship since 2003 and the European Le Mans Series endurance. Dunlop is pressing its feet hard in emerging markets like South Africa.

Why go for Dunlop?

There’s not just one, but many reasons to choose Dunlop for your vehicle.

  • Dunlop tyres cater to all types of segments. You can find Dunlop tyres for 4×4 vehicles, passenger cars, larger load-bearing vehicles, winter and summer tyres as well.
  • Dunlop is a brand synonymous with quality and its ethos. They ensure a comfortable drive, reduced noise effect and great speed capabilities.
  • The superlative technology and the innovations made by the brand in its product are what attracts the customers towards it.
  • Dunlop uses noise shield technology by bonding an advanced foam layer to its tyres. This reduces the interior noise levels by 60% without compromising the performance ability of the tyres even a wee bit.
  • Dunlop uses multi-blade technology to protect its tyres in extreme winter conditions. They use a variety of blades to protect tyres in the winter season. This is a major reason why Dunlop stands out from other manufacturers.
  • The hybrid overlay technology of Dunlop ensures you get a stable speed, smooth wear and good wear resistance.
  • The company uses dual silica compound of high quality to manufacture its tyres. This enhances the braking and speeding ability without putting any stress on the performance of the tyres in any season they are used.

There’s no doubt that Dunlop knows very well how to keep its customers happy. It has kept the flag high for more than a century now and still giving stiff competition to other manufacturers around the world. You can know of its worth by the fact that in countries like India and Russia, the word ‘tyre’ is synonymous with the name Dunlop. Get the cheap tyres fitted to your vehicle and see the difference yourself.

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