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The Complete Handbook and Manual for Automobile Maintenance

Owners of vehicles must prioritize car service. In addition to keeping you safe, it enhances the car’s dependability and performance. However, it lessens the likelihood of unexpected emergencies and raises the car’s value when you sell it. Knowing when service should get provided is essential as routine can avoid costly surprise fixes. This guide will outline why each component needs to get considered and when it should function during Car Service Northampton. But check the vehicle’s handbook for its specific routine because every vehicle is distinct. Each schedule may differ, too, though.

Automobile Service Schedule:

There are numerous parts in the vehicle that require routine maintenance. While it is critical to understand their parts, you should also understand the components that must get in a vehicle service record. Some components should be reviewed yearly, while others should be reviewed at least once a month. We’ve divided this checklist into regular maintenance inspections that must get completed occasionally. If you’re performing any of the motor maintenance mentioned, ensure the vehicle isn’t operating for your security. Or get it to an authorized specialist you trust.

Below is a quick car maintenance schedule that any vehicle owner can pursue:

Making an effort each month to perform a quick service check on the vehicle could save you headaches.

Monthly vehicle maintenance schedule:

Examine the Tyres:

It’s crucial to examine the tyres periodically. Driving with improper tyre pressure might result in handling issues. However, making it difficult to turn or maintain control of the vehicle. So, it’s crucial to monitor the tyre pressure every month when travelling long or, alternatively, if you are carrying large loads. Keep in mind to do the same with the spare tyre. Because every car is different, please consult the manual or examine the tyres to see how much pressure they need—this step-by-step explanation of how to physically test the tyre pressure using the most effective technique.

Check the depth of the tyre tread while you check the tyre pressure. Most brand-new tyres come with a tread wear indicator, but you may also perform the coin test.

Examine Every Light in Detail:

The lights require monthly maintenance, which is commonly ignored. To achieve the finest results, you might need assistance from a friend or relative. They should test the vehicle’s high beam and blinker lights before doing a walk-around to ensure that all the other lights are functioning.

Inspect the Levels of the Coolant and Oil.

Inspect the levels of the coolant and oil beneath the hood as soon as the engine has cooled. Motor issues may arise if you lack both of them, so a month-to-month examination, or before you go on a trip, could help you avoid future problems.

Take a Look at the Windscreen:

It is critical to keep an eye on the wipers and washer liquid, particularly during winter. Take a few seconds now and then to inspect the situation of the wiper blades. Search for any breaks, splits, or injuries to the blade.

Inspect the windscreen washer liquid levels in addition to the oil and coolant levels. Instead, you’d not get on the road and run out of gas, so fill up as needed.

Three-month Vehicle Maintenance Schedule:

Change the Oil:

Your car benefits much from the work that the motor oil does, so you must consistently follow the advised maintenance schedule. You must change the oil regularly, typically every 5,000 to 7,500 kilometres. Although many variables could influence the frequency, the car will be grateful if you follow at regular intervals.

Change the Oil Filter:

You must change the oil filter at the same time that you change the oil. It shields the motor from debris or other pollutants that can corrupt the oil and cause the motor to malfunction or become damaged. The car will run well if you maintain it clean.

Examine the Hoses and Belts:

Because belts and hoses do not last forever, inspecting them regularly can help avoid future problems. In both cases, look for small gaps, breaks, or anything that appears damaged. This could be an excellent chance to change them if they have any.


There are many important aspects to MOT Northampton, from keeping the car clean to making sure the engine is in good condition. However, one of the most important aspects of automobile maintenance is making sure the tyres are properly inflated and in good condition. Tyre inflation is important for a number of reasons. First, if the tyres are not properly inflated, the car will not handle well and may be more likely to skid or hydroplane. Second, if the tyres are not properly inflated, they will wear out more quickly and you will have to replace them more often. Third, if the tyres are not properly inflated, it can be more difficult to stop the car in an emergency.

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