Dedicated Server Hosting Package
Dedicated Server Hosting Package

Can you Help me to Choose a Dedicated Server Hosting Package?


A dedicated server, also known as a dedicated hosting service, is a type of internet hosting in which a buyer purchases an entire server and does not share it with anyone else.

A dedicated server is configured specifically for internet applications such as websites, databases, private clouds, and so on. A dedicated server offers the greatest degree of flexibility, uptime, and scalability. If you intend to launch a medium/large online business, you must select a dedicated server.

Also, if your traffic is high, you should consider upgrading to a dedicated server. Dedicated servers are more reliable and stable than shared hosting. It ensures that you are not sharing your space with any other malicious software or a spammer. Dedicated servers provide increased security, which is why they are required for businesses that conduct transactions via FTP or SSL.


Free Migration : It’s easy to use and completely free. There are no hidden costs with us because there are no additional charges to set up or install your Operating System (OS).
Server Management Options : You have complete control over your Dedicated Server. You decide how much control you want by selecting one of three management options (User-Responsible, Basic, or Complete).

Airtight Security : Feel extra safe with a private peering network, which ensures consistent connectivity for any website or application you may be running. Under Complete Server Management, our technicians will monitor the server on a regular basis to look for any problems.
Optimized Network : Forget about costly downtime and slow loading times. Your Dedicated Server is connected to Level3, High winds, HE, Cogent, and Integra via a separate Cisco/Juniper-powered network and is ready to handle any incoming traffic.


PRIVACY AND SECURITY : A Dedicated server, your online security, and privacy are our top priorities, and we will always stand up for individuals’ and consumers’ online rights. Our mission is to keep the Internet open, free, and secure for all users.

YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS : Increase the value of your business with industry-leading products and services at prices that won’t break the bank. We simply do not provide it if it does not improve your Internet experience.

CUSTOMER SERVICE : You are protected by a Support Team that is well-known for being among the most knowledgeable, friendly, and professional in the industry. Real people are available to help you with any problem, at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The Best about Dedicated Server Hosting, there is no better choice for dedicated hosting; great rates closely calculated to your advantage – and definitely no hidden cost. Compare it! Order your new dedicated server now, and we will have it online within 24 hours. Our server packages include everything you need to get started right away, whether it’s a control panel, an operating system, or services.

We provide you with a fully functional machine, including complete control over your hardware. It is housed in our data center for your security, but you have exclusive access to it and never have to share it or any of the available resources (RAM, CPU, webspace, and much more) with other users. Go ahead: with root access, full administrator privileges, and your own static IP address, you can use your dedicated server to do whatever you want based on your specific needs. In short, lease a server from SERVER4YOU and have complete control over your projects.


Aside from a plethora of features and the lowest prices, you also get complete control over your server via a plethora of web tools. The best part is that you get all of the managed services included in the price of the dedicated server. Managed services such as full server management, weekly backups, weekly OS updates, 24/7 performance monitoring, rebooting, software, and other application installation and troubleshooting are available. In cheap Dedicated Server Hosting, You are free to host as many websites as you want! You will host fewer websites if you have an HTML-designed website or a CMS-based website.

At this cost, we can get many things like:
Using a reboot system, we can use ‘Reboot,’ your server restarts every time, completely automatically and in a matter of seconds. Choose between a soft and a hard reboot for yourself. After each new start, our system checks to see if your server is accessible and ensures that everything is operational as soon as possible.

‘Restore’ allows you to request a fresh installation of your server in your customer interface, which is then performed immediately. During the fresh installation, you have the option of selecting one of the available operating systems.

If your data becomes unavailable over the Internet for any reason, you can always use the emergency recovery system to quickly identify potential problems. You can, for example, change the system configuration to restore server accessibility.


For critical and heavy business, we have created the best packages for you, which are fully managed and dependable. Because our server is loaded with features and resources, you can be completely confident in running your critical applications/websites. Our servers can easily manage your website’s traffic, multiple domains, high-resolution images, and videos. You can get a cheap and profitable deal on the server, as shown in the price section. This is the only place where you can get a dedicated server at the lowest possible cost.

cheap dedicated server in India, providing a good speed which matters a lot to user’s experience on your website. Nobody wants to waste time waiting for the content to load in the browser. Allow your customers to enjoy the convenience of quick, secure, and 24-hour access to your website. This is ensured by our 24/7 support staff and 99.98 percent uptime. As a result, you never have to be concerned about speed or access.

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