Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing


Properly oriented Affiliate Marketing, non-stop action will be the shortest path to success.

The first money you make from the Internet will be the most reliable value for your direction.

So please remember to follow all this article! In order to understand more about Affiliate Marketing, to have the best development orientation in Affiliate Marketing.

  1. What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a form of performance-based marketing. This is a way for businesses and companies to market their products and services on the Internet platform. In particular, a Publisher will promote products or services to many other Advertisers and enjoy commissions from this promotion method through traffic, sales, or the success of the order.

The theory is just as simple as that!

But, to do it is not easy at all. You need knowledge of Digital Marketing and IT skills such as SEO Google, SEO facebook, video editing, photo editing …

  1. Reasons to make money online with Affiliate marketing?

Actually, there are many ways to make money online at home today that you can try. But whether it is effective or just scam sites making money online. Therefore, the sincere advice is that you should choose Affiliate marketing for its sustainability, long-term, and reputation.

2.1 No need to own the product

This is the reason why Affiliate Marketing is growing.

Affiliate marketing solves a big problem for traditional businesses. Those are the difficulties related to products such as type, warehouse, display …

With Affiliate, you can sell products, without owning them. Issues such as customer care, shipping, or warranty … are the responsibility of the supplier of the product you are marketing.

2.2 Perfecting online business skills

Affiliate marketing is essentially the same as any other business.

To sell a product, it’s not just about throwing the marketing link to the customer and asking them to buy it.

You must have basic sales thinking, strategy, and skills to be successful with Affiliate Marketing.

Therefore, when you have success and be successful with Affiliate, you will perfect a lot of skills that you need from now on without even knowing it.

These skills are especially important in the industrial age 4.0 such as:

Create a website/blog using WordPress.

  • Seo – Search engine optimization.
  • Create a standard Seo Facebook Fanpage
  • Facebook Ads.
  • Google Adwords advertising.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Build a sales funnel.
  • Process Automation Marketing.

You see, there will be a lot of online marketing skills that you will master in the process of making money with affiliate marketing.

2.3 Be more serious about online business

Whether you are spending all your time on affiliate marketing, or just spending some time on it. Well, one thing I want you to understand:

“Affiliate is not a” real business “and this is” doing affiliate marketing “, not like some of you say” playing affiliate “.

Make money with this form of MMO, the essence is to build your own business. The only difference is the real environment and the internet environment only.

Therefore, you need an investment of time, effort and money. Only when you are serious and put in the effort will the results come to you.

2.4 Train persistence and endurance

I wonder if you define it as “fast or slow”. But this is the time a true affiliate must go through. This time period can be more or less, depending on where you are starting from.

In this booth, you will experience many levels of emotions: happy when having your first order, sad about failure with a specific campaign, frustrated by constant failure …

In particular, a sure feeling you will experience is disorientation and wanting to give up.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have results. Do you need to understand what the nature of the problem is? maybe your skills are not enough and the methods are not effective.

Instead of thinking about stopping. Focus on improving your online marketing knowledge even more and keep taking action. Sweet fruit will definitely come to you only.

Be patient, keep trying. No one succeeds overnight. All success is the result of both practice and perseverance practice.

  1. Factors to have when doing Affiliate marketing

3.1 Passion and belief

Passion and belief sound very theoretical!

But the reality is, for affiliate marketing. In the early stages, especially, it is extremely easy for most people to give up.

You may not know that 100 people learn about Affiliate Marketing, there are more than 90 people give up in the first stage. Simply because they lose their direction, lose their trust because they have not made money yet. Therefore, passions and beliefs are very important to motivate you to continue.

You should believe in success in the near future. That will motivate you to act persistently without giving up.

3.2 Have specific goals in the short and long term

When you are just starting out, don’t rush to set goals that are too far-fetched and unrealistic.

Instead, set yourself small and affordable goals in the near future.

For example:

  • This week I have to create an affiliate website.
  • Today I have to do a product review video.
  • After about 6 months, my website must have 1000 visits per day.


When you have a clear goal, you will act on your course without losing your direction.

Accomplishing the goals small and close will contribute to helping you reach the further and larger goals in your affiliate marketing business.

  1. Mistakes when doing Affiliate marketing

The newcomers are the ones who often make mistakes, with a very high rate. Take a look at the following mistakes to avoid and learn from yourself.

4.1 Think that affiliate marketing is easy and easy to make money

If Affiliate Marketing is really easy, then everyone will be rich.

Affiliate is easy for people who have a basic marketing background.

For most people, this is a difficult area.

A lot of people instinctively do affiliate marketing without a sustainable approach. This leads to not only failing to bring results but also having problems such as:

  • No spam links by spreading them all over the forums => FB block the link and block the account.
  • Make a website fast, copy and write articles and then conduct SEO => Google can penalize the website to color.
  • Advertising FB Ads, Google Ads => lack of skills leads to losses.

These are the main methods that newbies often use but to no avail. Making them lose money… lead to a breakdown of their will and loss of confidence.

There are many people who have opened online classes on making money with Affiliate Marketing.

If you want to be successful, learn people who are successful. This is true, not wrong, this is how you can shorten the time to get results in affiliate marketing.

But, the problem of who and how to learn? Most of your Newbie is not sane. This inadvertently turns you into a good prey for the phishing ingredients that rely heavily on Affiliate Marketing.

Here are a few criteria you should pay attention to before you spend money to take an online affiliate marketing course:

(+) Target to choose

  • Teacher information: Someone who is well known in the MMO community, has a clean profile. Owning a blog, a youtube channel with a large number of followers, and a topic related to the field of Affiliate Marketing.
  • War-oriented courses: Always choose practice-oriented courses. Affiliate is only good practice, lots of practice will help you have valuable experience in the future.
  • There are channels of exchange and support: The course has a group of public activities. The teacher does not create a group or an information channel, most likely they do not want members to discuss and worry about shortcomings in their knowledge. Or even more, is the fear of “looming”. So, you should choose which course has a Facebook group or forum to discuss with other members.

(-) Target does not need to be selected

  • Course price: Usually people think “expensive is a piece” and “cost is proportional to knowledge”. This is not necessarily true for all courses, especially online courses. It is prescribed that you just keep in mind “fetched does not talk about the quality of the course”. There are very expensive courses (a few million even a few tens of millions), but the content is nowhere. On the contrary, there are many very cheap courses (a few hundred thousand to 1 million) that have complete content including both basic and advanced and highly practical.
  • Proof of income: Absolutely not, you do not see the teacher show the income to attract but blind. These numbers are quite easy to create with just a little knowledge of graphics. They may be hitting on greed to lure you.
  • Income commitments: Or commitments similar to “hands-on”… I have come across many of these courses. For the majority of these courses, after you pay money, you will see the accuracy of their language and your innocence of overly believing in those commitments.

4.3 Lazy practice in the learning and working process

Most of the reasons are still “lazy”.

Maybe you are lazy because you no longer have passion because you always fail and have no results. Or by nature… after all, if you are LUM you will not go anywhere.

Affiliate marketing is not for the “lazy” person. If you are one of them, then I sincerely advise you to stop and invest your time in something else.

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