iOS app development
iOS app development

9 Best Apps For Your iPhone In 2023

Each individual wants to put power in their phone by installing powerful apps on their phones. If you want to unwrap a new iPhone this year, you are probably willing to install some new apps in it. Almost there are 2million apps are available in the App store, which is why it is tough to choose which one is best to install. This guide helps you in deciding which app you can pick for your new iPhone.

Fortunately, you purchased a new iPhone, and you are exploring Apple’s App store to find the best one, but the app store is packed with several apps. So, thanks to the iOS app development service because you can dig up many apps that may turn your handset into a language learning tool, fitness trackers, or a social networking tool.

Without further commotion, let’s dive into the blog!

1.      Widget Smith

Apple makes things easier in iOS 14; you can customize your iPhone looks, offers new widgets, and have easier methods to set up the custom application icons. For this, you can choose Widget Smith, which is the best app when it comes to select widgets for your iPhone. This allows users to write text, quotes, and add pictures, and more. You can even combine it with clever icon swaps and unique wallpaper. It means you can customize the iPhone of your dreams.

2.      Tiktok

The Tiktok is the best entertaining app that gains popularity in 2021 and becomes one of the best social media networks. It has everything from comedy sketches, memes, educational materials, and many more. Right now, it is the most amusing and enjoyable place on the internet. Interestingly, it shows the videos of your interest, so you get endless content to watch.

3.      Libby 

It is tough to create libraries on your phone, however, Libby allows you to borrow audiobooks and eBooks from the local library. This app is the best digital reading app on its own, you can enjoy reading books without a dedicated device. 

4.      Tweet Bot

Twitter is an ambiguously terrible way to spend time these days. But if you do not keep yourself away from the social media service, you need a tweet bot. It is the app that makes Twitter less painful for you. Tweet bot shows the tweet of people you follow when tweeted. In the tweet bot, there are no promoted tweets and ads. It has the option of powerful mute filters, so you can block out the unwanted notifications that continuously ping you to come to the app again.

5.      Halide Camera

The camera in iPhone is the best among all and lots of thanks for the best Al-powered algorithms that make your shot perfects. If you are interested in photographic shots and have some know-how about photographic shots, you need an app like halide. This app supports all the newest features of iOS that includes iPhone 12 Pro’s ProRAW format that is perfect to take your photography to the next level.

6.      Dark Room

With photography, editing is also an important part of it. So, dark room is one of the top apps that also support the ProRAW photos with the option to edit the photos in batches.

7.      Authy

Security is the top priority for everyone. To secure your accounts with two-factor authentication, Authy is a perfect app to opt for. Authy has done a greater job in keeping and storing track of the authentication codes.

8.      LastPass

LastPass is a vulnerable password manager that allows you to create unique passwords and manage them wherever you are. This application is also synced with different installations of LastPass, and it is clumsy to use compared with Dashlane.

9.      Microsoft Outlook

The default mail app in Apple is still plain bad. And its UI is unmanageable, so you need to install a different app for this. Microsoft Outlook is the best option around. It has a lot of useful features, a fast UI, and Microsoft support as well. With iOS 14, you can replace Apple’s application as a default option. Microsoft Outlook inflexible and light email app that supports almost every email account that you own, such as an integrated calendar, and it gives a special inbox that displays important messages only.

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