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5 Best Fashion Designing Courses in Jaipur

Are you looking out for fashion designing courses in Jaipur? Fashion designing has been a choice of many people for decades and has emerged as a good profession. We know that you must be aiming to become the best fashion designer of your era. To become that, we think, when it comes to choosing a course you should not compromise and select the best as it is the stepping stone for your career.

Fashion is an ever growing industry and to give a right start to your career in this field, you need an institute that gives you the right kind of exposure and helps you in gaining required skills. But finding the one that gives you all is not easy and so, to make your work trouble-free ,after doing thorough research, we have prepared a list of 5 best fashion designing courses in Jaipur that will help to build your future in the world of fashion. Let’s take a look of it – 

1)  Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur 

Arch Academy of Design established in the year 2000 by Arch Educational Society provides best fashion designing courses in Jaipur. The institute has always strived towards imparting skills in students according to changing trends of the society and has focused on building classrooms that enable innovative learning along with excellence. The college has international linkages with International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes, Cardonald college, Glasgow, International Council of Societies of Industrial Design and much more. Also, to give best training to students they have enrolled faculty members having industry expertise  from India and from other parts of the world as well. The institute offers several Undergraduate; Postgraduate and Certificate level courses for a student who wants to pursue their career in fashion designing and has helped its students get jobs in famous brands of India. 

2)  Institute of Design and Technology 

Institute of Design and Technology is considered as one of the reputed institute in the field of fashion designing with its branches in several parts of India. This educational institution aims at not only providing quality courses but also works towards shaping an individual’s personality. The institute hosts an annual event named Fashionova giving a platform to students to showcase their talent which also got a special mention in “Mann Ki Bat”.  It’s Fashion courses are structured in a way that nurture students to create innovative and cost-effective designs that caters to industry demands which are 1 year Diploma Course, 2 years Advance Diploma course, and a lot more coupled with certain specializations like Garment Construction and Pattern Making Course, Surface Ornamentation Courses. They have always aimed at giving the best kind of international exposure to their students for which they have collaborated with institutes like IMB, Institute of Italy perks of which are that a student may get an annual opportunity to participate in Milan Fashion Show and a chance to study in Milan world Class Exposure. 

3)  Manipal University Jaipur 

Manipal University with its fascinating infrastructure and world class facilities have opened gateways for students to become professionals in varied areas of fashion such as fashion merchandisers, fashion consultants, fashion photographers, fashion journalists, fashion designers and a lot more. Their only motto is  that students before entering into the corporate world or start their own venture get in-depth knowledge about fashion for which they have included opportunities of doing internships with good brands in different areas of fashion, getting industry sponsored projects, listening to guest lecturers from eminent professionals, doing research work in collaboration with institutes at national and international level, participating in open forums and group discussions to know about current scenarios of industry in their curriculum of 4 year degree Programme. This all has helped them in giving their students 360 degree knowledge about fashion and led them in making their students a trend setter in the industry.

4) Kamla Poddar Institute, Jaipur 

Kamla Poddar Institute has been continuously growing as a renowned institute of fashion designing in Jaipur and has come up as the choice of many aspirants who want to become a fashion designer. The college has received many accolades in the field of designing like Best centre of Decade Award , Centre of Excellence Award and since its inception, has aimed to make its students responsible professionals. It  has also been able to  successfully place its students in various multinational companies all due to its efforts of giving their students advanced equipment and amenities so that they can get more practical knowledge rather than just theoretical knowledge which is very much required to grow in the corporate era. In addition to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses on the lines of fashion, they give an advantage to their students to participate in creative workshops, case studies mentored by industry professionals. 

5)  Poornima  University Jaipur 

Poornima University Jaipur approved by the Fashion Design Council of Rajasthan was founded by Rajasthan State Legislature in 2012 and is among the leading institutes of fashion designing in Jaipur. The university has tied up with various institutes like University of Washington, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Tata Trust, Government of India and many more which allows its students to work with professionals from different parts of the globe and get field exposure through case studies, site visits, onsite workshops and market surveys. They have incorporated versatile teaching methodologies in their fashion and textile design course framework so that students learn by doing. They also assist students in getting paid internships which gives them a hand on industry experience and provide skill enhancement training making it possible for students to secure good positions in their dream companies. 

This brings us to the end of our list 5 best fashion designing courses in Jaipur. Hope it helps you in choosing the right institute for your dream of becoming a next fashion expert. We would also recommend that before choosing any institute read all details about the course offered and then make an informed decision. We wish that you achieve everything with flying colors and have a successful career in fashion.

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