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10 Easy Steps to Create a Wiki Page on Wikipedia and Why Should You Do So?

Wikis are fantastic tools that allow users from all over the web to add their own bits of information into a huge collection of data which then gets displayed to everyone else on the site via hyperlinked text within the article. This means if someone has no knowledge on a subject, they can still potentially learn something new. And the beauty of it is that anyone can edit these pages or add to them, so if someone spots a mistake, they can contribute their own knowledge and correct this. They’re incredibly powerful tools that are available to everyone (and used by all kinds of sites across the web) but one of the most popular uses for wiki technology has to be Wikipedia which is an encyclopedia anyone can edit. It’s got entries on anything you could possibly imagine from the history of playing cards, through to photosynthesis and absolutely everything in-between. So, what does this have to do with your business? Well quite simply if you have an article written about your company it’ll rank higher within Google’s search engine rankings because not only will this article contain your name (and variations of it) but there’ll be links pointing to your site (that Google values highly). The same goes for other wikis that might contain articles about your business’ products and/or services.

Of course, a wiki isn’t going to put you on the first page of search engine rankings by itself, but combined with regular blogging and website optimization then it’s a great way to get some high-quality backlinks coming into your site from authoritative sources which will help improve your search engine ranking positions. And not only this, but if someone has already written an article on Wikipedia about either your company or related subjects to what you do, then this is potentially one user who’s already been convinced of the value in what you offer meaning they’re more likely to want to do business with you, buy from you and/or recommend your company (assuming the article is of a good quality).

How To Create a Wiki Page on Wikipedia?

Getting onto Wikipedia is relatively easy. All you need to do is create an account (which takes about 5 seconds) and then simply follow these 10 simple steps:

1) Search for a page on your subject If no page exists on that topic type in ‘wiki’ followed by what you’re trying to find into Google and click on the first link which should take you directly to its entry within Wikipedia.

2) Create a link within Wikipedia Back on the search results page look at the URL of the first result and pop open your new page editor page by clicking

3) Write a brief description of your subject in the field titled ‘ Summary ‘. It’s not compulsory to add this, but it can help give you some inspiration when writing.

4) Add an appropriate URL in the field titled ‘ Article name within Wikipedia ‘. This should be the web address of your website and ideally should contain keywords related to what you’re doing. You might want to look at previous articles which have been written on Wikipedia by clicking ‘ Previous versions ‘.

5) Add 2-3 external links with relevant anchor text (i.e., texts that relate directly to what your website is about). The most recent one will get used as the main link, with any others acting as alternative links that’ll ping Google and other search engines with authority signals.

6) You can either add an image or some ‘see also’ links at the end of your article. The former is good if you have some pictures that relate directly to what you’re writing about, whereas the latter are more useful if there are other related subjects that might be worth mentioning. If neither of this sound appropriate then see step 10 for something else you can do.

7) Ok, now it’s time to write! But before adding any text make sure you tick the box titled ‘ This is a minor edit ‘. You’d be surprised by how many people forget this step and therefore make their changes publicly viewable meaning anyone on Wikipedia can see it (for better or worse). This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, but the last thing you want is your article to be viewed by everyone on Wikipedia.

8) Once finished click away at ‘ Save ‘. If you need to do any more changes go back to the page and save it again. Note that this should be used for all further revisions until you’re happy with how your article looks/reads.

9) To make an edit simply look towards the top where it says ‘ Recent changes ‘. Next to it are options which have been sorted by time so if you want people to see what’s being edited look under the most recent changes (or for older ones). There’s also a check box titled ‘ Watch this page ‘, which means whenever someone edits the page you’ll get notified by email.

10) If you want to create an article on Wikipedia then head back into Google and follow steps 1-4 just as before.


The power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing is in the hands of people. If you want to succeed, then it’s up to you to get out there and start making connections with others who share your interests or industry. The more links that exist on Wikipedia for a company, product, service provider etc., the higher their rank will be within search results pages such as Google. When creating articles about one’s own business on Wikipedia, make sure they are accurate and include information related directly to what you do so other users can find them easily via search engines like Google or Bing. Utilizing SEO techniques when writing content not only increases traffic but also helps improve profitability because customers become easier persuaded by companies which have already been suggested by authority sites such as Wikipedia.

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